My 1st love…everybody has one!

I remember when I was a little girl, my mom would always buy these Steno Note pads.  In them, she’d practice cursive handwriting.  I loved to see those swirly lines and curly qs and I’d try and mimic what she did in my own notebooks.  Drawing lines and practicing creative ways to write my name were of interest to me- sometimes I still doodle!

I spent some time away, kind of shying away from this whole blogging thing again but with another nudge from a total stranger, I decided it was TIME!  Yeah I journal in a notebook, but it’s time for me to share pieces of me with the world.

It’s funny how when you have mission inside of you, no matter how much you try to run away from it, it always has a way to come back and knock on your heart strings….just like a first love.  They have a way of leaving footprints on your heart and it’s hard to get rid of those feelings…unless someone else comes along and shows you much more! 

As I close, Bonnie had his Clyde, Jay-Z has his Beyonce, and me – well I, have my pen and pad! #andIlikeitlikethat 🙂


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