What makes me happy or thrilled?

This is a really good question because it gives me the opportunity to reflect.  Fortunately for me, the answer is not indicative of one specific person, place or thing- rather, there’s a smorgasbord.  Therefore, I present to you, a snapshot of some of the moments that make me flash that big Kool-Aid smile!!!!

Each day I open my eyes from the nighttime rest is a blessing!
Fear has no place in my life!
I love that in this very moment, I am doing something that I love- WRITING!  I realized that my pen is one of my greatest weapons!
All that I went through was painful and full of disappointments, but I now know that all of it helped to birth my passion!
I love sharing my weight loss journey and also empowering others through my testimony.
I’m in good health.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made!
I am FREE!!!
I’m happily pursuing my dreams.
Taking random pictures, then tweeting and blogging about them
Sharing fashion tips
Going to the movies, bowling and playing badminton
Making good choices
Writing in my journal
Solving cryptoquotes *adjusts glasses*
Going to church
Hanging out with my mom
Finding bargains on clearance racks
Shopping for shoes (I should add this twice!!!)

Of course I have a gazillion more of these joyful moments that I have experienced in my 33 years, but for space and time sake, I’ll end my list for now.  It is important to note that I did not write them in any particular order but rather as they came to mind.
What are some things that make you happy?  Identify them and make time to enjoy those moments.  Take a vacation, be random and above all, have fun…now that’s living! *insert smile*

Outfit Details:
Jacket- Forever 21
Scarf -Nordstrom Rack
Boots- TJ Maxx (Naughty Monkey)
Jeans- Old Navy


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