Big girls & Crop Tops…oh my!!!

I’ve never been one to follow the trends.  However, occasionally, something catches my eye.  In the case of this blog post, the crop tops were of interest.  Now I know you all are saying, but Nij summer is over…not to mention we’re in the middle of a snowstorm!  And yeah, that is true but I decided to try them out for myself anyway – in February (chuckles)!!
Let’s be clear, I wanted to make one last summer but didn’t know how and all the DIY videos I came across were rather complicated.  Even bigger than that is that I am not the owner of a flat tummy – which I thought was the prerequisite for wearing one!  So truthfully speaking, that was the main reason for my hesitation.  *confession time* Nevertheless last night, I just decided to make one and tweak it a little bit to suit my shape.  (In my opinion, it looked better with a tie, rather than just hanging down.  For that effect, I should have gotten a larger tee.)

More importantly, the lesson I learned is to not shy away from fashion that is normally geared towards slimmer women.  As long as it is figure flattering, and you wear it with confidence, then I say go for it!  So here’s a toast to my very first one and it won’t be my last.  
Outfit details: Everything was purchased with my own money.   I used an Old navy tee ($2.49), paired it with a pair of Old Navy jeans (size 16) and denim & tan heels from Nine West. 

How did I do???  I’d love to hear your thoughts!!!    ~Nijah~ 


4 thoughts on “Big girls & Crop Tops…oh my!!!

  1. Yes, dressing for your body type is sooooo important, The goal is to always accentuate your curves!!! TY Kesha for reading and also your feedback, it's greatly appreciated!!!! 🙂

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