17 Sundays review!!!!!

Hello everyone in blog land!!  It’s Nijah AKA Pursuing My Passion.  It’s been about 2 months since I last blogged but so much has been going on…and yes they are all good things – so much so, that I am cheezin’ as I type! 
The purpose of this blog post is to review a  jacket that I WON (yes, you read that right) on Instagram.  It’s funny, I just logged on one day and the giveaway was right there.  It was given by @fullfiguredfierce for @myleighanns .  I followed the directions for the giveaway and like the other participants, I crossed my fingers in hopes I’d win…and to my surprise I did!!
This gorgeous jacket by 17 Sundays was ordered in a size 16 and I matched it with a pair of harem pants, a bright tee and some pumps.  I felt super cute on this fabulous spring day!  In my opinion, this jacket is an excellent addition to my growing wardrobe because it’s so versatile and can be worn with a number of pieces. 

Feel free to check out the website to purchase one of your own…or perhaps follow her on FB, IG or Twitter.  Who knows you may be the next winner!!
Here is how the model on the website was featured.

Outfit details:
Orange tee,  Shades & Earrings- Old Navy
Pants- Forman Mills
Shoes- Sam Edelman, purchased at TJ Maxx
So readers, I welcome your feedback!  What do you think??

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