Lunch Bag Blues

I don’t know about you but my lunch bags weren’t always the cutest or the most fashionable.  What’s the big deal anyway…all you’re doing is putting your lunch in it right?? *shrugs*

That’s how I felt, until I saw this adorable Betsey Johnson Lunch Tote at Cohoes in Jersey Gardens Mall!  At first I thought it was a makeup case and I thought to myself, hmm that’s cute.  After reading the label “Cargo Lunch Tote,” I instantly fell in love!

The lunch tote is Betsey Johnson’s signature style of gaudy – gold embellished zippers mixed with cheetah prints and flowers.  I can carry the tote as a compact case or let it hang down like a pocketbook to display Ms. Johnson’s name engraved on the straps.  The bag is also insulated and has an extra pocket in the front.  It’s no secret that I love all things gaudy so of course, the tote came home with me for a mere $17 and it put an end to my lunch bag blues!
                                                                    ~Nijah J~


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