Words can hurt or heal…choose wisely

I speak life and love to myself…do you?

I’ve been smiling from ear to ear since receiving my beautiful pocket mirror from my girl Ivy LaArtista of See Body Love Self.  It’s the perfect gift for me, especially since I didn’t always like what I saw in the mirror.  But my, how the times have changed!  Where I once felt “unpretty”, I now see beauty…not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.  Keep in mind that I was the girl who hated taking pictures, so to see me now is truly a blessing. 

My mission today is to encourage women to become whole in all areas of their lives and to love themselves.  TOGETHER we can wage war on that monster of low self-esteem and negative body image once and for all.

So, congratulations to Ivy on the 2ndanniversary of her business See Body Love Self for being influential in the quest for positive body image.  She has taught me a whole lot and has been a blessing to me in so many ways.  Thank you for handpicking the perfect gift for me because I have learned the importance of choosing words that give both life and love.

I encourage everyone to visit her website (http://seebodyloveself.org/) for informational articles and tips.  In addition, you can get more body positive goods here: http://sbls.info/sblsparty2015.


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