Be bold, be you, stay beautiful

Anybody who knows me, knows that I looooooove inspirational tees.  Spreading positive messages is always a plus especially when you’re wearing what you declare.  It is empowering not only to the person wearing it but to the readers as well.
So it’s no secret that upon seeing Be YOU Jewels’ Instagram giveaway for the “I am BeYOUtiful” tee, I quickly entered.  To my surprise, I won and couldn’t wait to get it home and wear it!
I love this tee because of the message that resonates – body positivity, self confidence and self love – 3 areas that I used to struggle with.  It’s easy to lose yourself, especially in a society where beauty is often defined by one particular look and/or dress size.  Clearly I don’t fit that mold (and never did), but fortunately, I am one of many women who have come to love myself regardless of what society thinks.  Yes, that includes loving my full figured frame, double digit feet and my non flat tummy without resolve…and you should too!
By the way, I wore this tee to the Full Figured Fashion Week’s Pop Up Shop and I received so many compliments.  Photo credit goes to Plus Model Magazine for sharing the picture on their Instagram page.  How awesome is that??!!!
Welp, until next time beauties and beaus.  Be sure check out Be You Jewels for more tees, jewelry and accessories, all for $15 or less…and tell her I sent ya! ❤

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