NJs Plus Size Beauty collab w/MarieChic + Giveaway!!!!!

What’s up beauties and beaus!

You know how much I love statement tees, right?  Well, blogger MarieChic has her own line that is guaranteed to cause a bunch of stares and some snaps!

I first met this beauty at Full Figured Fashion Week this past June, and since then we have kept in contact and supported each other across different platforms.  Upon meeting MarieChic, I was immediately impressed with her signature hashtag #somuchslayage ; so much so that I ordered this sassy tank!  Why, because I love the SLAYAGE!!!!!!!

I am super excited that MarieChic is sponsoring this Curvy Habits Tee (featured below) for my very first giveaway!

Curvy Habits Tee

How cool is that?  She also has a blog where she offers readers her taste for all things curvy and cute, while keeping it confident.  I am certain that one of her tees will be a perfect addition to your already fabulous- and ever growing- wardrobe.  Not to mention, you will have people asking you to slow down just so they can read your shirt.  So, head on over to NJs Plus Size Beauty on Facebook for your chance to enter and win!


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