OK my secret is out – and I’m in love…

Hey FABBIES (Fabulous + Ladies)!!!  A good pair of jeans is really hard to come by.  I have tried many different brands and to date, I have only 1 decent pair.  However, I got the opportunity to try the Delux Legging Jeans from the Avenue and they are amaaaazing!!!  They hug my curves in all the right places and did not lose their shape by the end of the day!!  So 10s across the board from me!


When it comes to ponchos, I’m sort of leery because they aren’t really figure flattering on me.  But I have seen many fashionistas rock them fabulously, so I decided to give this Embroidered Poncho Tunic with Fringe a try.  I ordered a size smaller, hoping it would fit my plush frame flawlessly…and baby yes it did!  I pranced and twirled all around in this poncho.  The material was soft against my skin and the fringe tips gave it a nice embellishment.


Lastly, the Rochelle Wrapped Buckle Boot, earrings, bracelet and ring completed this fall look.  These boots are perfect for gals with wide calves and the accessories were just what this fashionista needed.  Everything just seemed to mesh together well and it made me fall in love with fall all over again!  While I am going to miss the warmness of summer dearly, I am ready to welcome fall – especially the fashion!

You can shop the entire look here! Fall for Fringe.  Until next time FABBIES, you can catch me perusing the fashion aisles at an Avenue near you.  I’d love to know your fall fashion must haves and/or your thoughts on this Iook!


Fringe Benfits anyone?



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